Convert Mongolian Tugriks (MNT) to Tongan Paʻangas (TOP)

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Historical Exchange Rates Mongolian Tugrik to Tongan Paʻanga

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₮1.00 MNT
0.00 TOP
₮5.00 MNT
0.00 TOP
₮10.00 MNT
0.01 TOP
₮50.00 MNT
0.03 TOP
₮100.00 MNT
0.07 TOP
₮250.00 MNT
0.17 TOP
₮500.00 MNT
0.34 TOP
₮1,000.00 MNT
0.68 TOP

Mongolian Tugrik & Tongan Paʻanga Currency Information

Mongolian Tugrik
FACT 1: The currency of Mongolia is the Mongolian Tugrik. It’s code is MNT & it's symbol is ₮. According to our data, USD to MNT is the most popular Tughrik exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most popular banknotes used in Mongolia are: ₮10, ₮20, ₮100, ₮500, ₮1000, ₮5000, ₮10000, ₮20000. It's solely used in Mongolia.
FACT 3: In 1928, the Tugrik replaced the Mongolian Dollar and became the only legal currency in Mongolia. Mongo coins are no longer in circulation and are sold to tourists as souvenirs and collectables.
Tongan Paʻanga
FACT 1: The currency of Tonga is the Tongan Pa'anga. It's code is TOP and it's symbol is T$. According to our data, AUD to TOP is the most popular Tongan Pa'anga exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most popular banknotes used in Tonga are: T$1, T$2, T$5, T$10, T$20, T$50, T$100. It's used solely in Tonga.
FACT 3: Although the Pa'anga was made the official currency in 1967, the country's first commercial bank, The Bank of Tonga, was not opened until 1974. Current Tongan banknotes feature Tongan landmarks on the reverse such as the Royal Palace and the Port of Vava'u.

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