Convert Swiss Francs (CHF) to Swedish Kronas (SEK)

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Historical Exchange Rates Swiss Franc to Swedish Krona

Live Exchange Rates Cheatsheet for
kr12.17 SEK
kr60.84 SEK
CHF10.00 CHF
kr121.68 SEK
CHF50.00 CHF
kr608.41 SEK
CHF100.00 CHF
kr1,216.82 SEK
CHF250.00 CHF
kr3,042.05 SEK
CHF500.00 CHF
kr6,084.10 SEK
CHF1,000.00 CHF
kr12,168.20 SEK

Swiss Franc & Swedish Krona Currency Information

Swiss Franc
FACT 1: The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc. It's code is CHF. According to our data, GBP to CHF is the most popular Swiss Franc exchange rate conversion. It has a whole range of nicknames, including: Stutz, Stei, Eier & Chuffs.
FACT 2: The most frequently used banknotes in Switzerland are: CHF10, CHF20, CHF50, CHF100, CHF200, CHF1000. The currency is used in: Switzerland, Liechtenstein & Campione d'Italia.
FACT 3: The Swiss Franc is the sixth most traded currency in the world. All CHF banknotes feature the four national languages of Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh.
Swedish Krona
FACT 1: The currency of the Sweden is the Swedish Krone. It's code is SEK & its symbol is kr. According to our data, GBP to SEK is the most popular Swedish Krone exchange rate conversion. Ever heard the SEK been called: spŠnn, stŒlar, slant, bagare, bagis, pix, daler, para, lšk, papp, riksdaler? These are some of it's nicknames.
FACT 2: The most popular banknotes used in Sweden are: kr20, kr50, kr100, kr500. It's used solely in Sweden.
FACT 3: The Swedish Krona is the 9th most traded currency in the world. Many commemorative coins have been issued and the royal motto of the monarch is also inscribed on many of the coins.

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