Convert Aruban Florins (AWG) to Omani Rials (OMR)

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Historical Exchange Rates Aruban Florin to Omani Rial

Live Exchange Rates Cheatsheet for
ƒ1.00 AWG
﷼0.21 OMR
ƒ5.00 AWG
﷼1.07 OMR
ƒ10.00 AWG
﷼2.14 OMR
ƒ50.00 AWG
﷼10.68 OMR
ƒ100.00 AWG
﷼21.35 OMR
ƒ250.00 AWG
﷼53.38 OMR
ƒ500.00 AWG
﷼106.76 OMR
ƒ1,000.00 AWG
﷼213.51 OMR

Aruban Florin & Omani Rial Currency Information

Aruban Florin
FACT 1: The currency of Aruba is the Aruban Florin. It's code is AWG. According to our data, EUR to AWG is the most popular Florin exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most frequently used banknotes in Aruba are: 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 florin. The currency is used solely in Aruba.
FACT 3: The 50 cent is the only square-shaped coin remaining, and is commonly known as the 'yotin'. The 5 Florin coin was originally square but was later replaced with a gold round coin in 2005.
Omani Rial
FACT 1: The currency of Oman is the Omani Rial. It’s code is OMR & its symbol is ﷼. According to our data, OMR to IND is the most popular Omani Rial exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most popular banknotes used in Oman are: bz100, bz200, bz500. It's Central Bank is the Central Bank of Oman. Rials are used only in Oman.
FACT 3: The Omani Rial replaced the Saudi Riyal in 1973 and in 2010, a new purple 20 Rial note was issued to commemorate the 40th National Day.

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